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In A Perfect World We Would Have Everything That We Want, To Some That Is Just Heaven. To Us, The Free World Alliance, That Is Our Principal Goal, To Bring Happiness Unto All People. To Many Believing Beyond The Realm Of The Last Millennium Would Cause Poor People To Shun Them Even Oppress Them, But With The Advances Of This New Millennia We Plan On Making It So That We The People Of This Universe, The Alne As We Put It, Shouldn't Even Be Looked Down On For Thinking Anything Scientific That's Just Around The Corner Is Anything But Just Things Everybody Will Take For Granted As Soon As The News Says The Next Hoverboard Is Out. Don't Think You Should Even Make Fun Of People Who Think That Space Colonies With Farms And Suburbs Aren't Something That Could Happen Just Anytime Now. And With The Risks Involved With Such Things You May Just Find Out The Day People Are Going To Take Beta-Version Space Shuttles To Visit Them Already Built, Just Like You Found Out The Day Hoverboards Came Out. For International Security Reasons These Things Happen, So If Somebody Is Talking Crazy Talk About Something They Saw Or Experienced, Just Keep In Mind What Would Have Happened If You Beat Them Up When It Was Just When The Hover Boards Were Still Being Talked About How To Put Them On The News Or Weather Or Not They Were Safe, Because The Elite Defense Contractor Establishment Has To Look Over These Things To Make Sure There Is Not Some Huge Safety Risk Like That Of Asbestos Which Should Have Been Inspected Being Installed And Taken Out Over And Over Again By The Same People For Months. And If It Is That Aliens{E.T.} Visit Earth We Don't Want Them Thinking We Are Barbarians Who Locked Up Everybody They Talked To Before Area 51 Gave The Ok For Us To Meet With Them With Teleporters Or Something That Would Probably End Up Looking Like Rave Disko Toys, And The People With The Teleporter Pads Or Something Else That Seems To Hot Shouldn't Be Shot Down Protecting Themselves From Being Robbed Of All Their Stuff. The NSA Would Have To See If The Aliens Were Good, Had No Disease Like That In War Of The Worlds, And Didn't Have Dangerous Psi Emissions From Their Goods Which Could Kill Us All If There Was 1 Unknown Variable. What Would Never Kill A Genie According To Scientific Magic Order/SciMag Order Logic And Would Give It Vast Energy Would Kill Everybody Like A Dirty Bomb, And It Is Called Refined Uranium. Thank God For The Scientific Hold Back On The News In The 40s Because Otherwise The News Would Say Refine Uranium At Your Laboratories And Kill People In Every University With A Special Kind Of Lab.

Not Actually Though It Wouldn't Really Kill People In Every Laboratory, Just Everybody In The Whole Building Due To Burning To Death Radiation Sickness And Everybody In The University Due To Chernobyl Ring Misdiagnosis As Tumor Surgically Operated On Against The Crazed Mutant's Will, Killing Them Without Even Knowing Like The Scientists Did, If They Would Even Be Listened To By Doctors,, But Luckily They Weren't Already Dead From The Uranium Refinement They Didn't Even Know About Just Like Scientists All Over The World, Who Are Poor But Not Those Of A Certain Income Bracket Then They Know Of A Certain Secret,, That Obviously Needs More Testing Time. But Now That I, AllA Erawa Viacad, Finally Got This Website You Can Know Of The Ancient Order Of Aladdin Too. You Are Now Not Allowed To Be Under Arrest Or Taken To A Mental Hospital, Because Instead Of Letting Marijuana Become Legal They Just Took The Dregs Of Society And Put Them In Charge Of Hunting You Down For Knowing What The Illuminati Were Planning On Telling The World Eventually: The Illuminati's Greatest Secret, But Homeland Security Will Torture People Who Are Evil, Knowingly Sold Their Soul To The Devil, And Those That Continue To "Sell Out".

SciMag Order, Scientific Magic Order

And Yes We Are Planning To Replace The UN, So If You Want To Know More About That You Will Have To Contact The Leading Faction In The World, After Reading Our Website.

And Just So You Know The National Science Foundation Believes That All Medical Professionals And Not Azn Food Mystics Are Obsolete Due To Genetic Engineering And If You Have Been In Contact With Crazies As In There Are Just A Few Crazies In Your Area You Will Never Get Sick Again Especially If You Eat Whatever You Want.

These Findings Are All Based On Magical Theory Though.